More than a product.
This is a lifestyle.

Miami Breeze has
nailed the new car scent.
These are seriously
impressive products

Romain Grosjean Formula One and IndyCar racer

Re-invigorate your senses
with the fragrance of a
luxury new car.

The scent of a luxury new car is uplifting. But it quickly fades.

At Miami Breeze, we have developed a range of breakthrough automotive care products that provide a long-lasting, new car scent.

Our products reverse the passage of time, allowing drivers to reconnect with an old friend – a fresh and invigorating new car scent.

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Expertly developed

Expertly developed

All Miami Breeze products are developed by our research and formulation team in Stuttgart, Germany.

High performance

High performance

The characteristic scent of a new car fades by 20% each week. Miami Breeze brings back that fragrance with every application.

Fully organic

Fully organic

Research shows a new car scent typically fades by 20% each week. Miami Breeze is formulated to comfortably exceed that marker.

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


Our unique two-in-one formulation breathes new life back into your car’s interior. It quickly and easily removes dirt and grime from leather upholstery, and at the same time nourishes and protects the hide keeping it soft and supple. Miami Breeze’s luxury new car scent completes the leather transformation.

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All-purpose Ultimate Interior Cleaner


Formulated to thoroughly clean and protect all hard interior surfaces, our cleaner lifts dust and grime and leaves a shield of protection from fading, cracking and harmful UV rays. Perfect for dashboards, interior panels and plastic, rubber or vinyl trim, the immaculate matt finish is complemented by the long-lasting Miami Breeze luxury new car scent.

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“Our family car was showing its age, but Miami Breeze brought the interior back to life. It smelled like it did when I first bought it. Seriously!”
“A friend put me on to Miami Breeze. The fragrance is like nothing else out there. Not overpowering – it just has something new about it.”

“New to the auto market, Miami Breeze has already carved out a cult following among a devoted fan base. It’s becoming a must-have accessory.”